High elastic yarn 70D/2

High elastic yarn 70D/2

Model No.︰70D/2

Brand Name︰JINXIA

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 23 / KG

Minimum Order︰300 KG

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Product Description

High-elastic polyester colored yarn refers to a kind of fiber with high elasticity rate by melting polyester chips and masterbatch at high temperature and then deforming and stretching through a specific machine. High-elastic textured yarn, referred to as high-elastic yarn, is a kind of elastic textured yarn. The chemical fiber filament is made into a spiral loop after a heating and deformation, and has a high elasticity. The chemical fiber filament is made by a heating and deformation. Spiral shape, high elasticity rate, called high-elastic yarn, the product made is called high-elastic fabric.

Application areas of imitation nylon high elastic yarn:

(1) Main use of imitation nylon high elastic yarn:

1. Mainly used in knitting, hosiery, clothing, cloth, ribs, fabrics, textiles, woolen fabrics, sewing threads, embroidery, lugs, webbing, medical bandages, etc.;

2. Widely used in sweaters, webbing, garment selvedge, gloves, thread making, etc.;

3. It is suitable for various woolen products, knitted fabrics, knitted garments and widely used;

4. It is suitable for sewing high-elastic parts of high-grade knitted underwear, swimwear, diving suits, trademarks, underwear, bras, sports shoes, sports clothing, etc.

(2) Application fields of imitation nylon high elastic yarn:

1. Knitted products: stretch jeans, swimming suits, ski wear, sweaters, sportswear, fitness pants, golf pants, women's underwear, tights, slimming elastic belts, etc.;

2. Hosiery products: there are women's socks, pantyhose, etc.;

3. Woven fabric products: thin, medium, and thick elastic labor cloth, seersucker, denim, etc.;

4. Hygiene products: manufacturing wound patches, joint pain relief creams, bandages, non-woven fabrics, wound care materials, etc.;

5. Household products: towels, gloves, wrapping tape, elastic bands, bedding fillers, cushions, carpets, curtains, sofas, etc.;

6. Silk products: simulated silk, wrinkled silk, stretch silk, etc.;

7. Other products have elastic Luokou and so on.




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custom_attr1︰ Many colors, good resilience, stable quality, and a wide range of applications

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