Color yarn for high-sunlight and anti-aging outdoor textiles

Color yarn for high-sunlight and anti-aging outdoor textiles

Model No.︰50D到1000D

Brand Name︰JINXIA

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 18 / KG

Minimum Order︰16 KG

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High-light (sunlight) color fastness fabric-anti-fading fabric, outdoor home textile fabric, jacquard, cushion, cushion, curtain, outdoor swing. . . . Features: high sunlight, high weather resistance, fabrics, waterproof, oil-repellent, anti-fouling fabrics are interwoven with high-light fastness DTY silk and high light fastness spun yarn. The online price is for reference only .

High sunlight (light) colored silk fabric is suitable for garden furniture, outdoor sofa cushions, curtains and other outdoor fabrics. It has strong wool texture, clear texture, waterproof, oil-proof, and dust-proof. It uses Solution dey fiber. To ensure high light fastness, the product has high weather resistance, antibacterial and mildew resistance, long service life, but the price is less than 40% of similar high-quality imported products.

Basic properties at a glance Material: 100% solution dyed Width: 150cm Weight: 230gr/m2 Water impact index (water repellent): 4-5 Light fastness: Dissolution dyed ISO105-B02-1994 7- 8/8 (Level 8 is the European standard UV light fastness test, strong UV light exposure for 720 hours, basically does not change color) AATCC 16E720AFU light fastness up to level 4 (American standard UV light fastness test, UV light for 720 hours , Basically no discoloration. Level 5 is no discoloration) ASTM G154720AFU reaches level 4 (American Standard weather resistance test, under UV light and humid air alternately acting for 720 hours, basically no discoloration. Level 5 is no discoloration) The above parameters are for reference , Products can be customized according to customer needs. There are also various high-light fastness fabrics for sale. Zhejiang Jinxia New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has long been committed to the research and development of outdoor textiles' light-fastness performance. It has developed several outdoor fabrics with different processes and applied them to outdoor textiles. Welcome to inquire and negotiate. Many colors are available

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custom_attr1︰ High sun exposure, anti-aging, stable quality

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