Colored polyester low stretch yarn DTY_150D polyester network yarn

Colored polyester low stretch yarn DTY_150D polyester network yarn

Model No.︰50D到600D

Brand Name︰JINXIA

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰-

Minimum Order︰1000 KG

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Product Description

Colored polyester low stretch yarn DTY product parameters:

Density: 30D-1000D

Number of holes: 24F-576F

Luster: super bright, big bright, semi-dull, full-dull

Section: round hole, three leaves, flat

Network: no network, light network, medium network, heavy network (high network)

Twist: no twist, twist (S twist, Z twist or S+Z twist)

Shrinkage: low shrinkage, medium shrinkage, high shrinkage

Strength: low strength, normal strength, medium strength, high strength

Colored polyester yarn FDY product quality index:

Linear density deviation rate/% ± 2.5
Linear density variation coefficient (CV)/% ≤ 1.7
Breaking strength/ (cN/dtex) ≥ 3.1
Coefficient of variation of breaking strength (CV)/% ≤ 9.0
Elongation at break/% central value ± 6.0
Coefficient of variation of elongation at break (CV)/% ≤ 17.0
Boiling water shrinkage rate/% center value ± 1.2
Color uniformity (gray card)/level ≥ 4.0
Oil content/% center value ± 0.30
Network degree/(pieces/M) Central value ± 6.0
Color fastness to soaping/grade ≥ 4.0
Note: The "central value" can be determined by the customer through negotiation.

Product advantages of colored polyester yarn FDY:

    1. Soft luster
   2. High color fastness
   3. Uniform color
   4. Good wear resistance
   5. Comfortable hand feel
   6. Stable shrinkage

Colored polyester yarn FDY product display:

Colored polyester low stretch yarn DTY product use:

       Suitable for high-speed warping machines and high-speed shuttleless looms, directly used for knitting and warp knitting. Widely used in pongee, polar fleece, single-sided fleece, golden fleece, mercerized fleece, corduroy, flower dot fleece, warp knitting fleece, warp knitting short plush, warp knitting corduroy, warp knitting velveteen, warp knitting Mesh fabric, warp knitted mercerized silk, loop velvet, velveteen, five satin, polyester taffeta, mercerized silk, water jet light spinning (simulation silk), water jet eight satin, weft oxford fabric, overlaid oxford fabric, jacquard Curtains, printed curtains and other fabrics. It is also suitable for embroidery, interweaving, shoes and hats, carpets, scarves, etc.

     Jinxia New Material has focused on the customization of dope colored polyester yarn for 21 years

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SKU︰ 1000吨

custom_attr1︰ Colored polyester spun yarn is an ideal raw material for knitting (weft knitting, warp knitting) or woven processing, suitable for making clothing fabrics (such as suits, shirts), bedding (such as quilts, bedspreads, mosquito nets), and decorative items (such as curtains) Cloth, sofa cloth, wall cloth, car interior decoration cloth

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